Venturi Jet Junk Basket


Venturi Jet Junk Basket

The WellEnTech Venturi Jet Junk Basket is a device used for the removal and containment of well bore debris. The tool design which, in effect, vacuums debris from a well bore includes Dual Finger Cages at the bottom end of the assembly to trap debris within the body of the tool and a Filter at the top to prevent the re-circulation of the contained debris. The powerful suction generated can pick up objects such as pulling tool fingers, pins, grapples, screws etc. The tool design incorporates two step threads and is therefore robust enough to have washover shoes fitted to the lower thread.


  • Simple robust construction
  • Interchangeable Nozzles and Filter
  • Dual Finger Cages as standard
  • Low maintenance design
  • Numerous tool configurations and lengths possible
  • Easily redressed
  • Wellbore clean out runs
  • Sand/fill removal
  • Small object retrieval

The WellEnTech Venturi Jet Junk Basket is run in hole to the required depth and is operated by flowing down through the tool. The fluid flow through the Nozzles, creates a pressure drop at the exit point immediately downstream of the Nozzle. The fluid down stream then equalises with the fluid exiting from the Nozzles inducing a circulation of fluid through the tool producing a suction effect. The effective suction force can be adjusted by altering the Nozzle sizes which can be achieved without the need to strip the tool. The amount of debris collected is determined by the length of Extensions ran and the size of debris collected is governed by the size of Filter fitted within the tool.


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