Shifting Tool


Shifting Tool

The WellEnTech Shifting Tool is a flow operated device used for engaging and moving standard shifting profiles, typically found in Sliding Side Door Valves, Sub Surface Saftey Valves and Completion Ball Valves. The Dogs are designed to engage specific profiles and release from that profile when the sleeve to be shifted has completed its stroke. Dogs can be fitted to either open or close a sleeve. Or, Bi-directional Dogs can be fitted to perform a series of open and close operations in a single trip in hole.


  • Suitable for use with Jars and Impact Hammers
  • Dogs activated with flow
  • Single and Bi-directional use
  • A single tool can be used for various profiles
  • Through bore
  • Tool joint or service connections
  • Sliding Side Door Valves
  • Sub Surface Safety Valves
  • Completion Barrier Ball Vales
  • Shifting a sleeve in any well product which has a shifting profile

The WellEnTech Shifting Tool is configured with suitable Dogs and retaining sleeves to suit the profile to be shifted within the completion string The Dogs remain within the retaining sleeves until flow through the tool pumps the retaining sleeves back to activate the Dogs. The spring loaded Dogs can then engage a profile and either upward or downward movement will shift the sleeve. The Dog design will then release from the profile once it has completed its travel. When flow through the tool is stopped the Disc Springs return the retaining sleeves pulling the Dogs back into the tool.


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