Gauge Carrier – Drill Stem Testing


Gauge Carrier – Drill Stem Testing

The WellEnTech Drill Stem Testing Gauge Carrier is used for deploying gauges down hole as part of a test string. It can accommodate 2 gauges for external sampling and has a removable inner cartridge which can accommodate up to 4 gauges for sampling within the test string bore.

The robust design includes extended length saver subs top and bottom to facilitate rig tongs as well as provide sufficient length for tool joint re-cuts.


  • Robust construction
  • Extended length saver subs top and bottom
  • Easily accessible external gauges
  • Internal gauges secured within removable carrier.
  • Service connections include dual seals and torque shoulders.
  • Easy to redress and replace gauges
  • To acquire Pressure and Temperature Data during Well Testing Operations

The WellEnTech Drill Stem testing Gauge Carrier is run in hole as part of a test string. The required internal gauges are fitted to the carrier insert which is then inserted into the bore of the gauge carrier body, the service connection when made-up ensures the gauges are securely held in position within the carrier bore. The external gauges are secured in place with external clamps making them easily accessible.


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