Gauge Carrier – CT Type


Gauge Carrier – CT Type

The WellEnTech CT Type Gauge Carrier is a thru’ tubing deployed sub which can accommodate up to two gauges for well bore sampling operations. The gauge is isolated from annular fluids and is contained within a pressure retaining housing. Flow is permitted past the gauge which is supported by the ported top sub and centralized within the housing with a centraliser ring. The design is flexible enough to accommodate two gauges if required.


  • Robust construction
  • Flow thru’ design
  • Gauges held securely held within carrier
  • Gauges protected from well fluids
  • Multiple top and bottom sub configurations available
  • Easy to redress, remove and replace gauges
  • Facilitate the deployment of gauges for reservoir Pressure and Temperature

The WellEnTech CT Type Gauge Carrier is deployed as part of a standard thru’ tubing BHA. The gauge is made up to the ported top sub and inserted into the housing. With the bottom sub made up, the gauge is fully protected while tripping in and out of hole. The assembled carrier can then be placed in the desired position within the BHA without effecting the other tools in the string.


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