Circulation Sub


Circulation Sub

The WellEnTech Circulation Sub is designed to be used as part of a Thru’ Tubing Bottom Hole Assembly. It is a drop ball activated device which provides a flow path down through the tool during initial operation but enables flow to the annulus to be activated when a ball is dropped. Applied pressure moves the Circ. Sub Ball Seat down opening the annular ports.


  • One piece body
  • Interchangeable Ball Seat
  • No specialist assembly tools required
  • Fully adjustable activation pressure
  • Burst Disc as standard
  • Standard Jetting operations
  • Clean out runs
  • Debris circulation
  • Well Stimulation operations
  • Any flow dependent well operations

The WellEnTech Circulation Sub is configured at surface. A suitably sized ball seat is secured in place with Shear Screws. The shear value can be adjusted depending on how many Shear Screws are assembled. The Circulation Sub also comes with a burst disc port as standard incase circulation is lost during operations. The Burst discs are easily assembled and removed using a standard Allen key. A burst disc is inserted into the tool which is rated at a pressure value in excess of pressures anticipated during well operations. A pumped Drop Ball will land on the Ball Seat and shear out the ball seat to establish a flow path between the tubing and annulus.

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