Free Travel Tool


Free Travel Tool

The WellEnTech Free Travel Tool is a device which provides a means of axial movement of a tool string while maintaining pressure integrity. It is ideally suited for applications where movement is anticipated downhole and thus avoid putting the BHA under any adverse loading conditions. The design also allows full flow through and full pressure integrity. A thru’ bore allows drop balls to pass through the tool to BHA components below.


  • Compact design
  • Maximised Stroke
  • Compression/Tension Operation
  • Thru’ bore
  • Easily redressed
  • Permits Axial Movement of BHA
  • Space Out operations
  • Bumper sub applications
  • Velocity Strings
  • Heater String operations

The WellEnTech Free Travel Tool as part of a typical BHA gives the operator orientation flexibility, by allowing the tool string to be broken and made-up below the joint, without the need to disconnect from the coiled Tubing. The tool operates while in tension or compression. The debris tolerant design ensures reliable and dependable operation and the tool is easily striped and redressed.


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