Hydraulic Bow Spring Centraliser


Hydraulic Bow Spring Centraliser

The WellEnTech Hydraulic Bow Spring Centraliser provides a cost effective means of centralising a Coiled Tubing BHA within a well bore or Tubing String. Furnished with four hard wearing spring steel leaf springs, which are designed to only contact the well bore when required, reduces spring wear ensuring prolonged service life and reliable operation. The adjustment sleeve enables quick and easy adjustment of the spring diameter. The simple, robust design has minimal parts, making assembly and redress extremely quick and easy.


  • Compact design
  • Hydraulic operation
  • Hard wearing leaf springs
  • Easily adjusted for a range of diameters
  • Thru’ bore
  • Easily assembled and redressed
  • BHA centralisation
  • Logging runs
  • Pipe Cutting
  • Jetting operations
  • Abrasive perforating/cutting

The WellEnTech Hydraulic Bow Spring Centraliser is assembled as part of a Coiled Tubing BHA. It is fitted to the BHA in the desired position and run in hole. The Adjustment sleeve enables the spring diameter to be set. When required, the tool is functioned by increasing flow through the tool, this energises the leaf springs and so provides centralisation within the well bore. To de-activate the tool, simply reduce flow or stop flowing and the springs return to the retracted position. To redress, the bottom sub is backed off, the actuation piston can be removed and the springs along with the spring supports can also be removed.

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