QIKTech™ – Heavy Duty


QIKTech™ – Heavy Duty

The WellEnTech QIKTech™ heavy duty connector provides a quick and easy means of connecting tool string components without the need to rotate either the upper or lower portions. The QIKTech™ is designed to be run as part of a toolstring where a connection is required as part of a long Bottom Hole Assembly which needs to be deployed in sections or as part of a Velocity String or Gas Lift String. The design incorporates torque transmission teeth which torsionally lock the tool string enabling it to withstand torque induced through drilling or the reactive torque experienced as a result of a motor stall. The QIKTech™ includes a Lock Sleeve which ensures the Connector Sleeve cannot back off when the tool is in use and retention threads hold the lock and connector sleeves up on the mandrel when being stabbed into the Bottom Sub.


  • Short, compact design
  • Large through bore
  • Torque tolerant design
  • High tensile strength
  • Easily redressed
  • Long tool string deployment
  • Velocity strings
  • Gas lift strings
  • Any application where two sections cannot be rotated

The lower part of the tool string or completion would be held in the BOP rams with the QIKTech™ lower end looking up. The QIKTech™ upper end would be attached to the tool string or completion immediately below he injector. The upper end is then slowly introduced to the lower end and the torque transmission teeth are mated together. The Connector Sleeve is then made up and held in place using the Lock Sleeve.

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